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Service and Warranty

CEU prides ourself on providing world-class service. We realize the frustrations and expenses of having your airplane on the ground, and we go above and beyond to get you back in service. One way we accomplish this is by keeping an extensive on-hand inventory of thousands of new and overhauled parts and components. Our stock allows us zero lead time on preparing many parts for shipment to your location, and being in South Florida allows us to quickly and easily ship products worldwide.

Over the last three decades, CEU has built solid relationships with quality-oriented manufacturers and component repair stations. Our partners go out of their way to provide us with expedited service and troubleshooting support, which in turn, allows us to better service our customers. We are able to offer guidance on filing warranty claims with manufacturers and can often provide exchange parts under warranty.

To complement our inventory and partnerships, we are proud to retain a knowledgable and experienced team of mechanics and management who produces quality workmanship and offers effective troubleshooting support. Several of our mechanics are experienced pilots, supplementing their mechanical knowledge with the mindset of having been behind the yoke.

We welcome any inquiries about our service or warranty. You can contact us by phone, email, fax, or a personal visit to our location. Click here for information about contacting us.

Our Limited Overhaul Warranty can be viewed here.
Our Limited Repair Warranty can be viewed here.